Peer Review #3

Peer Review #3

This week we were each assigned to conduct a final review on our peers’ websites and how they have published their professional selves. For this week’s review I’ll be looking at Aris’s website The Quaint Nook, this blog is a space where Aris writes about various forms of book making and shares insight, stories and pictures of her own bookmaking art. Aris also has two other categories dedicated to her art and as well a space to review manga. This website contains a lot of content, Aris has managed to create a niche targeting an audience that is interested in book design and book art, this allows Aris to have a great opportunity to create a business plan to monetize her website. 

The banner of the website displays the blog name ‘The Quaint Nook’ I noticed there is no distinguishing logo displayed. I would suggest creating a logo as it would make for a more compelling brand and allow for people to recognize your brand just from an image. Aris only has one social platform which is  an Instagram account linked on the sidebar. The instagram account has the username Chesh Hatter which as explained in the about section is the name she is using for her social media presence. I think in order for a persuasive strategy to be implemented the social media accounts used for The Quaint Nook should all have the same name ‘The Quaint Nook’ that way it makes it easier for users to find the content. 

In the second peer review done for Aris’s website Caffeinated Tammy mentions that the website was a bit slow to load and suggests downloading the Jetpack plugin. As I’m clicking through the website I don’t notice any significant loading times which is great that Aris implemented the suggestion making the website more user friendly. By having a quicker loading website a user is most likely to stay on the website longer, long loading times tend to make users just click out of a website immediately. 

The suggestions that I would make to Aris to further present a compelling brand and persuasive business strategy is to create more video content, this could be a time lapse of her making the book or step by step videos, I think it would make for more engaging content. I would also suggest having at least two social media accounts linked to your page that way users have a variety of content to look at. The niche content and specifically targeted audience will make it much easier for advertisers to use this website to promote their products. There could be blog posts that are dedicated to product recommendations, your favourite tools to use, your favourite books to read to learn more about bookmaking. This website and content is great for multiple advertising and monetization streams. 

All in all the website is so cute and well designed, it’s easy to navigate through and I can’t wait to see where this goes!

xo Mar

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