Real Talk…

Hi lovelies! Hope you are all doing amazing and experiencing new things!

I wanted to have a real talk today about mental health and feeling overwhelmed and anxious as they are feelings I’ve been dealing with for the last couple of weeks. It’s something I want to have a conversation about because it’s completely normal to have low moments because at the end of the day we’ll always be able to move back up. The end of the semester is approaching which means final assignments and exams are slowly starting to creep up… During this time in the semester my anxiety is always at an all time high because I get this feeling of doom convincing me I won’t be able to it all in time. This is always the hardest part because this is where we have to prove ourselves that we can do it.

With just being almost four months into 2023, I have already done so much more than I could have expected and I’m reminding myself to be proud of what I’ve accomplished and how much I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I’ve found new hobbies that are a way for me to release my stress and anxiety and truly live in the now. I love sharing my experiences because when I’m writing about the moment it’s almost like I’m reliving the feeling all over again. The thought of possibly being able to motivate even one person to push themselves is a feeling that makes me so happy. Just wanted to write a short little blurb almost like a mental health check in and see where we’re all at. This semester is almost over for me so I’m trying to push through with the little that I have left.

It’s ok to not always be motivated, the important thing is that you push yourself as hard as you can and you’d be surprised by what you can accomplish.

xo Mar <3

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