I Did a Spin Class

I Did a Spin Class!

Hi lovelies!

I tried something completely new to that I’ve been wanting to try for a while but have been putting it off because I didn’t want to go alone. But I’m trying to shift my mindset and do things that are good for me and push me out of my comfort zone. So, I booked the class for Monday 9am, I wanted to start my week off strong and I’m so happy I made that decision. I unfortunately was not able to film or take pictures in the studio which makes total sense everyone is entitled to their privacy, so I’ll walk you through my journey.

Firstly when I walked in everyone was so nice, they asked me for my shoe size which I was confused about because I didn’t know there are ‘clip in’ spinning shoes. These are special shoes that clip in to the pedals of the bike to ensure you’re not flying all over the place. So little tip *it doesn’t matter what shoes you wear to spin class because they’ll have shoes for you anyways.

For the outfit, I wore leggings and a sports bra and I will say this is the best option. Avoid shorts because your thighs will be rubbing together making you feel uncomfortable, if you do want to wear shorts opt-in for a biker short which covers your full thigh. I also feel that sweatpants would be a little slippery on the bike seat and just wouldn’t allow for full comfort.

Moving on to the actual class, it surpassed all of my expectations, it was PHENOMENAL I would recommend that everyone tries it. It’s such a unique way to get your cardio in, build your endurance and increase your heart rate. The room is dark with lights resembling a nightclub and the music is LOUD you can’t even hear yourself breathe but I loved that aspect of it. In a dark room you feel less pressure because everyone is focused on themselves and they can’t even really see you, the music is so loud you can sing along to it without anyone even hearing you. Let me tell you that I was having a great time jamming out to tunes and giving it my all.

It was definitely NOT EASY but, the energy and the instructor’s motivation just kept you going. I definitely surprised myself I didn’t know how much I could push myself to keep going. All in all, I will definitely be doing another spin class, I felt great afterwards and is definitely a fun way to clear your head and push yourself to be better. If anyone of you have tried this before I would love to hear your story from your first spin class.

xo Mar

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