Peer Review #2

Peer Review #2

The website I have been assigned to review is Lifting with Lita by Lita Lising. Her website is dedicated to her exercise journey. Her website shares content about tips for workouts and staying motivated and she also shares her own personal stories and obstacles she has overcome. The way the posts are written are very explanatory and go into detail, I like how she shares her own stories with each workout movement and points out which parts may be hard to do and shares her own tips and tricks for doing the movement. She has three social icons posted on the top of her page, each takes you to either an Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter channel, it’s easy to access and view and takes you to the proper pages.

I like the way the posts are structured, each post has its own featured image. The written content is easy to read and understand, I like how it’s simplified and broken down into a set of questions that she answers.

I do think that maybe using more photos in the posts would make it easier for the reader to visualize what is being explained, or maybe even including a video walking us through the steps that are being talked about. I’m a very visual learner so I always love having photos when something is being explained to me. I also think that making the featured images for each post a little smaller as you do have to significantly scroll down to get to the written content.

I love the homepage I like how it’s designed similar to a Pinterest board and the idea of sharing her Spotify idea is so cute! I think it’s very inspiring and helpful for newbies in the gym.

In terms of social media channels Lita has all her socials listed, although I do think a TikTok page would be beneficial for her page as she could include many short videos of her workout routines and tips and tricks, I think it would be great to help her grow her site!

All in all I love this website and I think it’s very well presented and organized, so excited to see what else will come out of this!

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