Is this Burnout?

As I enter the middle of my spring semester I’ve come to a realization, do I have enough time..?

I’ve given myself a goal of trying one thing every week and as the semester becomes busier I find I’m being hard on myself for not trying something new this week. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of extra work for my job whilst also trying to stay on track with school and get everything done on time.

I’m writing this post to be transparent with my readers, I haven’t done anything new and exciting this week and THAT’S OK! I don’t want trying new activities to feel like a chore or like another task on my to-do list. As I self-reflect on my thoughts and emotions I’m going to try to not be hard on myself as there is not reason for it.

Burnout is something many students and workers struggle with, we tend to over-schedule ourselves and fill our schedules up often forgetting to schedule time for ourselves to simply relax… I’m aware of when I’m starting to become burnout, I notice the signs, I start getting lazy, don’t finish my work, sleep a lot and my mood is usually lower during these times. I noticed this happening over the last few days and so I took my day off for myself. A reset day, watched my favourite show, cleaned my space and just spent the day with myself. I woke up today feeling much better and more motivated, and I know that next week’s new activity is going to be EXCITING! I’m looking forward to it and I can’t wait to write all about it.

Take care of yourselves and let’s not forget to RELAX it’s totally OK and we should not feel for it.

xo Mar

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