Waterfalls in Winter

Today, my boyfriend and I went on a little adventure to Vancouver island. We took the day to explore new places we haven’t been to before. This was something new for us and both of us don’t like the cold, and considering the fact that it’s the middle of January it’s quite cold. Instead of spending the day indoors we want to see if we could find any waterfalls, so to the road we went.

I want to mainly focus on my boyfriend’s experience during this time because hiking in winter was very new to him. He grew up in Brazil, his first time seeing snow was when he came to Canada so he was very confused of the idea to go hiking in the forest when its 0 degrees out. When I brought up the idea to him the first question he asked was “why would we do that? isn’t it dangerous?” Nonetheless, he went for it and ended up having a really fun time.

We ended up going to two waterfalls in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, the first one is a provincial park called ‘Little Qualicum Falls’ this took us about one hour to finish and we were able to see the upper and lower falls up close. This was a nice quiet spot with lots of different trail options to take.

Little Qualicum Falls.

Our second stop was English Man Falls, my personal favourite, This was a much bigger waterfall, with a wobbly suspension bridge going over it. The walk is about an hour long but it is a steeper one, definitely got us huffing and puffing for a bit. Both parks had the same tranquility aspect to it, very few people were here making you feel like you got the whole park to yourself.

Englishman Falls

All in all, I hope my boyfriends braveness to conquer the cold help some of you to try new things you might have never even thought of. Wether it’s skydiving or hiking in winter it’s good to expand our environment and try things out, we don’t always have to like it but at least we tried!

xo Mar

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