Could this be my New Hobby?

Get Out of your Comfort Zone

Can you believe that I’ve lived in Canada for 15 years and I’ve only been skiing once in my whole life and I was like 8 so does it really count? I grew up quite poor so we didn’t get too many opportunities to go out on the mountain. I now am in a much more comfortable position compare to when I was I was younger.  

I’ve wanted to go for so long but always found an excuse not to either it’s too expensive, I don’t have anyone to go with, I’m too scared to hurt myself. No more excuses though, I dragged my best friend along with me and we went skiing and I’m so happy we did.

We started small, we just stuck to the baby hills to practice stopping, slowing down and we were asking so many people around us for any tips or tricks they had for beginner skiers. Probably about an hour later we gained confidence and went up the ski lift making our way up to the top of the ‘easy hill’. I felt like I was getting the hang of it really quickly, this surprised me because I really thought that I’d suck.

Now we’re at the top of a little hill, our only way to get down is with our skis, I’m feeling confident so down I go. I must have been going at least 50km/hr and I really could not figure out how to slow down so my only way to stop was to fall. It happened my first fall of many… who were we kidding it was going to happen at some point it’s inevitable. I got myself up and didn’t let myself get discouraged and went back up again, after going up about 5 times and starting to be able to get down without falling and being able to slow down.

It’s go time, we went up the real ski hill, and let me tell you one thing the view was astonishing, it was definitely worth it for the views. Going down was definitely not a smooth ride, but we made it down with just few bruises.

I am headed up the mountain again this weekend, turns out I really enjoy skiing. I’m really proud of myself for putting myself out there, if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t of found a new activity.

Anyways, I hope this ignited some sort of motivation for you to try something new, feel free to share it in the comments below I’m curious to hear about everyone’s experiences!

xo Mar

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