Peer Review #1

I’ll be reviewing a classmate’s website and brand, the name of the blog is called “Chaotic Thoughts in a Loft ” this is a brand where Ziky will be reviewing movies. When you first click on the website you are immediately directed to the initial home page which is static. In this page Ziky explains the purpose of the brand and site and what we can expect from her page. I like that you are directed to the homepage right away because users are able to understand what the purpose of the page is and what content they can expect to be reading. The paragraph is short and simple which makes it quick and easy to read. There are two pictures included on the home-page, one picture is of themselves and the other seems like a picture of a window. I think it’d be nice to include pictures from their favourite movie or more film pictures. 

My initial thought of her website when reading the title was that it would contain more blog-like, lifestyle content because of the name but, after reading the home page I understood what the blog would be about. 

Whilst navigating through “Chaotic Thought with a Loft” I liked the organization of the website. I found it fairly easy to navigate the sidebar and it is also helpful to navigate when on different pages. I just had trouble finding content related to the course so I think it would be beneficial to add a PUB category. In terms of aesthetic I do think it would be nice if there were more pictures and designs related to film as this is what the blog is about. Doing this would help in creating a brand and image for this brand. I also think that it would be nice to make the website a little more “chaotic” to go hand in hand with the name of the blog. 

Whilst further reading through their content I found it very engaging and exciting, it keeps the reader hooked on what Ziky has to review about the movies. I also like that it includes links to the movie trailers that makes this user experience much more easy and accessible. The font is legible and the background colour is simple and doesn’t take away from the content. All in all it’s a really great website with really great content, I’m excited to see what else Ziky will be reviewing about! 

Go visit Ziky’s website!

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